Census Management + Care Coordination

unisonMD helps providers communicate, collaboratively manage their census, coordinate patient care and capture charges in a single easy to use interface.

Census Management Features

  • Complete Patient Lists

    Inpatients, new consults and scheduled procedures, all in one place

  • Accurate Patient Lists

    Providers alway know who they need to see and what care has been rendered

  • Provider Friendly Charge Capture

    Providers know with a glance if care has been rendered and billed that day

  • Individual and Team Rounding

    Allows for individual and shared patient lists for team based rounding

“Keeping an up to date hospital census is hard, especially for a practice like ours where multiple providers share patient care responsibilities. unisonMD’s collaborative rounding lists allow me to instantly share clinical notes with cross covering providers. I spend more quality time with patients and less on hand-offs.”

John Boniface, Jr., MD, Fall Hill Gastroenterology

Care Coordination Features

  • Secure Messaging

    HIPAA compliant messaging keeps protected health information secure

  • Integrated Clinical Documents

    Improves covering provider efficiency

  • Integrated Care Notes and Instructions

    Shortens hand-offs, strengthens continuity of patient care

  • Improved Transition of Care Process

    Shortens and strengthens hand-offs/sign-outs, mitigates risk of medical errors