Case Study: Urology Practice

Realizes 13% Increase in Hospital Revenue

Arizona Institute of Urology (“AIU”) was struggling with the inefficiencies of manual workflows they were using to coordinate inpatient care, and record and track charges for hospital encounters. They were looking for a cloud-based solution that included HIPAA-compliant communication for coordinating inpatient care, accessibility from desktop and mobile devices, and tools and analytics to prevent lost and missed charges.


  • Located in Tucson, AZ
  • 12 physicians
  • Round at 2 hospitals
  • Averaged 171 hospital charges per month


  • Missing hospital charges, revenue leakage
  • Efficiently managing a single call group
  • Daily dependency on a single staff member to manage the hybrid paper ticket/spreadsheet system used to coordinate inpatient care, and capture and track hospital charges

How unisonMD Helped

  • Provided HIPAA compliant communication
  • Shortened and strengthened provider hand-off/sign-out process
  • Created an automated, centralized billing workflow for hospital charges
  • Added a process to ensure all post discharge follow-up visits were scheduled in a timely manner
  • Eliminated hybrid paper ticket/spreadsheet system for recording hospital charges

“We knew we were missing charges. We would get a charge for a subsequent hospital visit for a consult we had no record of, or get a procedure but not get the consult, or get a consult but not get the procedure.

Coding staff came to me within 45 days of first using unisonMD and reported a noticeable increase in hospital visit charges, especially subsequent hospital visits.”

Lisa Dangle, Practice Administrator
Arizona Institute of Urology


  • Experienced a 13% increase in hospital revenue
  • Captured monthly hospital charges grew from 171 to 222
  • Total annual investment in unisonMD was paid for in increased hospital revenue in the first month

“Training was very good. It allowed for multiple sessions, with some people participating more than once. That was a big thing for us.”

Lisa Dangle, Practice Administrator
Arizona Institute of Urology

Realized a 13% Increase in Hospital Revenue