General and Vascular Surgery

Case Study: General and Vascular Surgery

Realizes 8.2% Increase in Number of Hospital Charges

Bay Surgical Specialists was losing revenue and wasting time to the paper-based workflows they used to manage and track hospital charges. Additionally, they had no reliable process in place to prevent lost and unrecorded charges. They needed a solution that would allow them to efficiently stop revenue leaks at the point of care.


  • Located in St. Petersburg, FL
  • 8 physicians
  • Round at 5 hospitals
  • Averaged 979 hospital charges per month


  • Lost and unrecorded charges for hospital encounters
  • Charge entry lag
  • Provider resistance to change
  • Complete reliance on billing staff to manually track and manage hospital charges

How unisonMD Helped

  • Replaced paper-based workflows to capture and track hospital charges
           – Established real-time connections to multiple hospitals
           – Automated the flow of patient demographics, insurance, and hospital dictations
           – Embedded charge capture in patient lists
  • Enabled a single patient list that includes inpatients, scheduled procedures and consults
  • Created an automated, centralized billing workflow for all hospital charges
  • Established real-time interoperability with the practice’s PM system to eliminate re-keying data
  • Provided HIPAA compliant communication

“Sometimes it is difficult to get the providers to buy into something that’s new and a change from what they are used to doing. To them it is just more work. But it really wasn’t, it was a shift of the responsibility and ownership from the billing side to the provider side, which is where it really belonged. They know what care they rendered, not the billers. It represented a change in the business model of the practice to something we have never done before. I think unisonMD is great. If you use it, it works.”

Jade Duncanson, Practice Administrator
Bay Surgical Specialists


  • 8.2% increase in the number of hospital charges captured each month, from 979 to 1,060
  • Experienced a one time 20% increase in revenue collected due to decreased hospital A/R days
  • Eliminated charge entry lag
  • Prevented lost and unrecorded charges
  • Annual cost of unisonMD was paid for in increased hospital revenue in the first month

”The providers like using unisonMD because it helps them stay more organized. They have everything at their fingertips on their devices, and can look at their patient list from wherever they are and update it. The visual cues in the app make it easy for them to know when they have accomplished what they need to accomplish.”

Jade Duncanson, Practice Administrator
Bay Surgical Specialists

Realized an 8.2% Increase in the Number of Hospital Charges