Infectious Disease

Case Study: Infectious Disease

Realizes 27% Increase in Hospital Revenue

Infectious Disease Specialists was losing revenue and wasting time to the paper-based workflows they were using to capture, track and bill for hospital encounters. They were looking for a solution that could automate processes to save time and stop revenue leaks.


  • Located in Colorado Springs, CO
  • 8 physicians
  • Round at 5 hospitals
  • Averaged 871 hospital charges per month


  • Lost and unrecorded hospital charges
  • Charge entry lag
  • Inefficient care team coordination
  • Billing staff was “flying blind” about who the physicians saw in the hospital

How unisonMD Helped

  • Connected to hospitals to automate real-time flow of patient demographics and insurance
  • Created a streamlined, centralized billing workflow for hospital charges
  • Established real-time interoperability with practice management system to eliminate re-keying data
  • Added a process to ensure all post discharge follow-up visits were scheduled in a timely manner

”Change is hard, and the doctors were a little concerned that it was so automated that there would be some misstep and we would not capture all of the charges somehow. So we ran dual systems for the first several months. Gradually, as each physician became more comfortable with it they moved on and stopped using their cards.They all love it. It makes it much simpler. They enter their charges in the app as they are rounding, except one provider who prefers to do it using a laptop after finishing rounds.”

Randi Ropp, Practice Administrator
Infectious Disease Specialists


  • 27% increase in average monthly hospital revenue
  • Charge entry lag reduced to less than one day
  • Average number of monthly hospital charges grew from 871 to 1,187
  • Annual investment in unisonMD was paid for in increased hospital revenue in the first 15 days

“We experienced vast improvement in processes and now operate a really, really efficient business office.

Absolutely, hands down would recommend unisonMD to any of my peers.”

Randi Ropp, Practice Administrator
Infectious Disease Specialists

Realizes 27% Increase in Hospital Revenue