Greater Efficiency – Better Financial Results

unisonMD helps optimize the revenue cycle for hospital and other out-of-office patient encounters. Our customers tell us they realize better financial results, increased staff productivity and high user satisfaction.
Increase in Practice Revenue
Reduction in Revenue Leakage
Reduction in Claim Prep Time
Day Reduction in A/R
Increase in Billing Team Productivity

Provider Benefits

  • Paper charge slips are eliminated

    Lightens provider administrative burden, prevents revenue leakage

  • Virtual facesheets are automatically sent to billing

    Eases provider administrative burden, mitigates risk of PHI breaches

  • Charge capture is integrated into patient lists

    Provider friendly 4 click charge entry, shortens charge entry lag

  • Secure messaging between providers and billing staff

    Fast tracks resolution of billing questions, reduces charge lag

Biller Benefits

  • Patient demographics and charges are automatically collated and organized into a central billing workflow

    Saves time, eases biller administrative burden, accelerates charge processing

  • Exclusive “InsightView” provides a high level overview of all patients in rounding and the status of all charges

    Billing staff always knows which patients have been seen and what charges to expect

  • Charge level integration of relevant clinical documents

    Allows billing to process accurate claims faster, prevents revenue leakage

  • Billing workflow becomes more predictable and efficient

    Productivity goes up, performance benchmarks can be established

  • Closed loop demographics reconciliation and charge transmission to the EHR/PM sytstem

    Saves time, eliminates manual entry of information