What unisonMD Customers are saying…

“unisonMD is the single best program we have found for multi-specialty billing in the hospital. The staff has been readily available and exceptionally accommodating/receptive to enhancing the user experience and adapting to our practice’s needs. Highly recommend this product.”

Joshua Portnoy, MD, Colorado Pulmonary Intensivists

“We knew we were not receiving charges for all patient encounters during rounding, especially on weekends. unisonMD allows us to see every patient encounter during rounding and know which charges to expect. It has helped us optimize our billing workflow and establish performance standards for our billing team.”

Billie Jo Boniface, Administrator, Fall Hill Gastroenterology

“As a colorectal and general surgeon having used unisonMD since its inception, I have found it to be a comprehensive and convenient billing app. I no longer have to keep track of paper face sheets and billing slips. I do my billing for new consults and scheduled procedures on my phone while walking between patient floors or standing in the elevator. It is fast, user-friendly and keeps up with the busy pace of my practice.”

Richard A. Fortunato, DO, FASCRS, FACS, Surgical Associates of Fredericksburg

“Since implementing unisonMD, we have reduced our AR days outstanding from 31 to 8 days, been able to eliminate a $34,000 f-t billing position and are recovering ~$20,000 per month in previously un-submitted and incomplete provider charges.”

Holly Cross, Practice Manager, Pulmonary and Medicine of Dayton

“I knew I was losing charges when I used paper billing sheets. I tried a couple of mobile charge capture solutions, including one I wrote myself, but still found I was spending time at the end of each day doing data entry. Using unisonMD, I no longer worry about losing billing sheets and not getting paid and I no longer waste time doing data entry because unisonMD interfaces with our practice management system.”

David E. Bryan, MD, St. Louis Urological Surgeons

“Since we implemented unisonMD, we have become more efficient rounding as a team. Given that we round at 7 facilities it was extremely time consuming to get updates on rounding status. However, now with unisonMD we are able to get real time updates and mobilize physicians to help where needed with just a click of a button.”

Mahmoud S. Ghusson, MD FACC, President/CEO, Hamilton Cardiology Associates

“Keeping an up to date hospital census is hard, especially for a practice like ours where multiple providers share patient care responsibilities. unisonMD’s collaborative rounding lists allow me to instantly share clinical notes with cross covering providers. I spend more quality time with patients and less on hand-offs.”

John Boniface, Jr., MD, Fall Hill Gastroenterology

“unisonMD’s ease of use resulted in rapid acceptance by our physicians. Their ability to inter-operate with hospitals has lightened provider and administrative burden, and allowed us to simplify and shorten our revenue cycle for inpatient encounters.”

Jerome S. Tannenbaum, M.D., Ph.D. FACP, National Tele-Nephrology Associates